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2020 Catholic High School League
Boys Soccer Championships

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

At Madison Heights Bishop Foley

Bishop Division  l  Cardinal Division


Bishop Division


2020 CHSL Bishop Division champions: Detroit Catholic Central


Detroit Catholic Central 3, Bloomfield Hills Cranbrook Kingswood 0


Detroit Catholic Central: Vincent Stockton (1-0, 17:11 first half)

Detroit Catholic Central: Ali Jaffer (2-0), 14.25, first half)

Detroit Catholic Central: Clay Moscovic (3-0, second half)


2020 Detroit Catholic Central

Head coach: Gene Pulice

Team members: Xander Heitsch, John Browning, Vincent Stockton, Valentino Scicluna, Simon Sawyer, Cole Corby, Dylan Fras, Clay Moscovic, Landon Lodato, Ali Jaffer, Chad Ewing, Jack Leuker, Nathan Schack, Will Matta, Matt Sommer, Andrew Memmer, Ian Arroyo, Drew Pierson, Adam Christie, Henry Grybis, Kyle Malachowski, Michael Barron, Anthony Swanson, Ruddie Harris, Billy Ward, Nick Licari


> Catholic Central claims another CHSL title with win over Cranbrook

> Catholic Central, Shrine reclaim Catholic League boys’ soccer crowns


Cranbrook Schools, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. Challeging and Comprehensive College Preparation.

Cardinal Division


2020 CHSL Cardinal Division champions: Royal Oak Shrine Catholic


Royal Oak Shrine Catholic 4, Grosse Pointe Woods University Liggett 2


Grosse Pointe Woods University Liggett: Freshman Claudio Cavallo (1-0/6:27 first half)

Grosse Pointe Woods University Liggett: Freshman Claudio Cavallo (2-0/39.32 second half)

Royal Oak Shrine Catholic: Sophomore Brennan Cannaday (2-1/35.29 second half)

Royal Oak Shrine Catholic: Sophomore Andrew Imai (2-2/32.18 second half)

Royal Oak Shrine Catholic: Sophomore Andrew Imai (2-3/23.28 second half)

Royal Oak Shrine Catholic: Junior Kevin Wright (2-4/8:31 second half)

Winning goalie:

Royal Oak Shrine Catholic: Sophomore Sheldon Nolasco


2020 Royal Oak Shrine Catholic

Head coach: Mark Soma

Team members: Sheldon Nolasco, Ben Abell, Ben Plunkey, Alex Cerone, Chase Proctor, Manuel Romaya, Joel Laird, Brennan Cannaday, Joseph Bontrager, Jonah Cerone, Michael North, Perry Lampertius, Isaiah Cortez, Peter Murphy, Andrew Imai, Jalen Ramirez, Carter Buchanan, Billy Norris, Kevin Wright, Luis Biland, Beck Peaslee, Jacob Reece, Shane Bontrager, Charlie Roty, Camaron Johnson, Anthony Sobeck, Raphael Olajide



Shrine Catholic Schools, Royal Oak, Michigan. Faith. Family. Future.

Past champions

Bishop Division

Formerly A-B Division

2020: Detroit Catholic Central8

2019: University of Detroit Jesuit3

2018: Detroit Catholic Central7

2017: Detroit Catholic Central6

2016: Detroit Catholic Central5

2015: Bloomfield Hills Brother Rice10

2014: Detroit Catholic Central4

2013: University of Detroit Jesuit2

2012: Bloomfield Hills Brother Rice9

2011: Warren De La Salle Collegiate16

2010: Bloomfield Hills Brother Rice8

2009: Warren De La Salle Collegiate15

2008: Warren De La Salle Collegiate14

2007: Warren De La Salle Collegiate13

2006: Warren De La Salle Collegiate12

2005: Bloomfield Hills Brother Rice7

2004: Warren De La Salle Collegiate11

2003: Warren De La Salle Collegiate10

2002: Warren De La Salle Collegiate9

2001: Bloomfield Hills Brother Rice6

2000: University of Detroit Jesuit1

1999: Birmingham Brother Rice5

1998: Warren De La Salle Collegiate8

1997: Birmingham Brother Rice4

1996: Warren De La Salle Collegiate7

1995: Warren De La Salle Collegiate6

1994: Birmingham Brother Rice3

1993: Detroit Catholic Central4

1992: Detroit Catholic Central3

1991: Warren De La Salle Collegiate5

1990: Warren De La Salle Collegiate4

1989: Warren De La Salle Collegiate3

1988: Birmingham Brother Rice2

1987: Warren De La Salle Collegiate2

1986: Birmingham Brother Rice1

1985: Warren De La Salle Collegiate1

1984: Detroit Catholic Central2

1983: Harper Woods Notre Dame*1

1982:  Detroit Catholic Central1

** Closed in 2005


Cardinal Division

Formerly C-D Division

2020: Royal Oak Shrine Catholic2

2019: Grosse Pointe Woods University Liggett1

2018: Royal Oak Shrine Catholic1

2017: Ann Arbor Father Gabriel Richard1

2016: Allen Park Cabrini1

2015: Orchard Lake St. Mary’s Preparatory2

2014: Orchard Lake St. Mary’s Preparatory1

2013: Pontiac Notre Dame Preparatory3

2012: Pontiac Notre Dame Preparatory2

2011: Dearborn Divine Child1

2010: Madison Heights Bishop Foley3

2009: Madison Heights Bishop Foley2

2008: Madison Heights Bishop Foley1

2007: Pontiac Notre Dame Preparatory1


Brother George Synan Award

A Christian Brother since 1929, Brother George served in the earliest days of the Catholic League as a coach and administrator at old St. Joseph's and De La Salle high schools. He continues his presence even today at Catholic League events, known for his remarkable memory of alumni and their families. Named a "Legend of the League" in 1993, Brother George gave Detroit its foundation and started the New York Catholic League. The boys' soccer award is presented to a scholar-athlete in his name.


2020: Parker Stager, Macomb Lutheran North

2019: Clarkston Doman, Bloomfield Hills Cranbrook Kingswood

2018: Henry Koelling, Novi Detroit Catholic Central

2017: Justin Stack, Dearborn Divine Child

2016: Ian McNamara, Royal Oak Shrine Catholic

2015: Jonathan R. Williams, Warren De La Salle Collegiate

2014: Domenic Fusco, Allen Park Cabrini

2013: Patrick Lass, Madison Heights Bishop Foley

2012: Nicholas Orlando, Warren De La Salle Collegiate

2011: Ryan Majsak, Novi Detroit Catholic Central

2010: Thomas Twardecki, Marine City Cardinal Mooney

2009: Sean Dotson, Royal Oak Shrine Catholic

2008: Phillip Presnell, University of Detroit Jesuit

2007: Blake Bankwitz, Dearborn Divine Child

2006: Nathan Moseley, Allen Park Cabrini

2005: Mark Fazi, Harper Woods Notre Dame

2004: Bradley Field, Redford Catholic Central

2003: Kyle Pfieffer, Pontiac Notre Dame Preparatory

2002: Bill Salmonowicz, Madison Heights Bishop Foley

2001: Mike Knesek, Pontiac Notre Dame Preparatory

2000: Derek Muller, Royal Oak Shrine Catholic

1999: Peter Sassalos, Warren De La Salle Collegiate

1998: Andrew Husek, Royal Oak Shrine Catholic

1997: Alan Fortunate, Warren De La Salle Collegiate

1996: Thom Mychal, Orchard Lake St. Mary's Preparatory

1995: Keith Russeau, Orchard Lake St. Mary's Preparatory

1994: Adam Borchert, Redford Catholic Central

1993: Salvatore Gillette, Warren De La Salle Collegiate

1992: Todd Nicol, Warren De La Salle Collegiate

1991: Christian Maas, Birmingham Brother Rice

1990: Andrew Macielewski, Warren De La Salle Collegiate

1989: Michael DuBay, Birmingham Brother Rice

1988: William Rielly, University of Detroit Jesuit

1987: Tim Foerg, University of Detroit Jesuit

1986: John Kaminski, Harper Woods Notre Dame

1985: Michael Wiater, Birmingham Brother Rice

1984: Larry Wagner, Madison Heights Bishop Foley

1983: Edwin Kast, Madison Heights Bishop Foley