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Catholic High School League
2022 Competitive Cheer Championships

Wednesday, February 9, 2022, at Wixom St. Catherine of Siena

2022 CHSL Competitive Cheer Bishop Division champions: Dearborn Divine Child

Co-head coaches: Shelley Popiel and Amber Genevich  l  Assistant coaches: Anna Cassar, Alex Greco, Erin Burklow, Olivia Selewski

Cheerleaders: Nora Asleh, Cami Bourdage, Olivia Bruce, Reese Eberth, Isabelle Fronczak, Olivia Goodwin, Nina Keyser, Abby Krizmanich, Megan Moore, Julia Rzepka, Sophia Santeiu, Cecilia Scalf, Amanda Shumaker, Elena Solomon, Sarah Valinski, Noemi Villarruel, Anna Watson, Vivian Wright, Adriana Yost, Makenna Yost

Dearborn Divine Child wins 20th straight CHSL championship

Dearborn Divine Child won its 20th straight Catholic High School League Bishop Division Competitive Cheer Championship, placing first in each of the three rounds.



1. Dearborn Divine Child, 236.2/227.58/318.00: 781.78

2. Ann Arbor Father Gabriel Richard: 184.00/ 150.8/252.4: 587.3

3. Macomb Lutheran North: 167.7/103.04/242.74: 459.34


Wednesday, February 9, 2022, at Wixom St. Catherine of Siena

2022 CHSL Competitive Cheer Cardinal Division champions: Clarkston Everest Collegiate

Clarkston Everest Collegiate wins CHSL Cardinal championship

Clarkston Everest Collegiate won the Catholic High School League Cardinal Division Competitive Cheer Championship with a dominate third round performance.



1. Clarkston Everest Collegiate: 210.6/199/86/289.2: 699.66

2. Wixom St. Catherine of Siena: 219.9/196.32/257.4: 673.62

3. Madison Heights Bishop Foley: 188.6/164.12/262.1: 614.82

4. Orchard Lake St. Mary's Preparatory: 192.1/173.52/247.2: 604.82

Everest Collegiate High School and Academy, Clarkston, Michigan. An Authentic Catholic School of Distinction.
St. Catherine of Siena Academy, Wixom, Michigan. Intellect   Faith   Leadership   Sisterhood   Community

Scholar Athlete Award

This award is presented each year to a female senior scholar-athlete for her academic achievement while competing on a varsity cheerleading squad.

2021: Sophie Smith, Wixom St. Catherine of Siena

2020: Olivia Barone, Ann Arbor Father Gabriel Richard

2019: Ivy Eifert, Dearborn Divine Child

2018: Claudia Stoops, Dearborn Divine Child

2017: Grace Kueber, Wixom St. Catherine of Siena

2016: Stephanie George, Pontiac Notre Dame Preparatory

2015: Michelle Bade, Livonia Ladywood

2014: Emily Kiefer, Dearborn Divine Child

2013: Jennifer Ciminio, Dearborn Divine Child

2012: Erin Collins, Pontiac Notre Dame Preparatory

2011: Erica Mirabitur, Livonia Ladywood

2010: Nina Cataldo, Dearborn Divine Child

2009: Molly Hall, Pontiac Notre Dame Preparatory

2008: Gianna Guzzardo, Pontiac Notre Dame Preparatory

2007: Annie Mott, Pontiac Notre Dame Preparatory

2006: Katie Koterba, Pontiac Notre Dame Preparatory

2005: Kelly Brady, Dearborn Divine Child

2004: Leia Cook, Royal Oak Shrine Catholic

2003: Emily Naismith, Madison Heights Bishop Foley

2002: Kristi Skupien, Dearborn St. Alphonsus

2001: Elizabeth Blazo, Dearborn Divine Child

2000: Jessica Mitsch, Livonia Ladywood

1999: Nicole Lerg, Livonia Ladywood

1998: Nicole Greco, Riverview Gabriel Richard

1997: Lorri Marek, Madison Heights Bishop Foley

1996: Heather Simpson, Center Line St. Clement

1995: Janae Cottrell, Riverview Gabriel Richard

1994: Jennifer Skorna, Madison Heights Bishop Foley

1993: Dawn Simpson, Center Line St. Clement

1992: Nancy Burr, Livonia Ladywood

1991: Jamie Gazella, Dearborn Divine Child

1990: Michelle Trbovich, Center Line St. Clement

1989: Laura Younkin, Detroit Holy Redeemer

1988: Jessica Chiapetta, Madison Heights Bishop Foley

1987: Maritherese Flanigan, Pontiac Catholic

1986: Gina Guarino, Madison Heights Bishop Foley

1985: Catherine Gushman, Redford St. Agatha

1984: Cynthia Genord, Center Line St. Clement

1983: Jill DeLamielleure, Center Line St. Clement

1982: Jennifer Goulah, Center Line St. Clement

1981: Theresa Pollack, Southgate St. Thomas Aquinas

1980: Suzanne Foley, Redford St. Mary

1979: Kathleen O'Shea, Dearborn Divine Child

1978: Denise Uetz, Dearborn Divine Child

1977: Susan Grenn, Dearborn St. Alphonsus

1976: Katie Murphy, Redford St. Mary


Past TEAM champions

Bishop Division

Formerly A-B Division

2022: Dearborn Divine Child24

2021: See Combined Division

2020: Dearborn Divine Child22

2019: Dearborn Divine Child21

2018: Dearborn Divine Child20

2017: Dearborn Divine Child19

2016: Dearborn Divine Child18

2015: Dearborn Divine Child17

2014: Dearborn Divine Child16

2013: Dearborn Divine Child15

2012: Dearborn Divine Child14

2004-2011: See Combined Division

2003: Dearborn Divine Child5

2002: Livonia Ladywood1

2001: Madison Heights Bishop Foley9

2000: Madison Heights Bishop Foley8

1999: Madison Heights Bishop Foley7

1998: Madison Heights Bishop Foley6

1997: Madison Heights Bishop Foley5

1996: Madison Heights Bishop Foley4

1995: Madison Heights Bishop Foley3

1994: Madison Heights Bishop Foley2

1993: Dearborn Divine Child4

1992: Southgate Aquinas6

1991: Dearborn Divine Child3

1990: Madison Heights Bishop Foley1

1989: Southgate Aquinas5

1988: Allen Park Cabrini4

1987: Southgate Aquinas4

1986: Allen Park Cabrini3

1985: Allen Park Cabrini2

1984: Allen Park Cabrini1

1983: Southgate Aquinas3

1982: Southgate Aquinas2

1981: Southgate Aquinas1

1980: Harper Wood Bishop Gallagher1

1979: Dearborn Divine Child2

1978: Dearborn Divine Child1


Cardinal Division

Formerly C-D Division

2022: Clarkston Everest Collegiate3

2021: See Combined Division

2020: Clarkston Everest Collegiate2

2019: Wixom St. Catherine of Siena4

2018: Wixom St. Catherine of Siena3

2017: Wixom St. Catherine of Siena2

2016: Wixom St. Catherine of Siena1

2015: Clarkston Everest Collegiate2

2014: Madison Heights Bishop Foley11

2013: Clarkston Everest Collegiate1

2012: Madison Heights Bishop Foley10

2004-2011: See Combined Division

2003: Marine City Cardinal Mooney6

2002: Royal Oak Shrine1

2001: Marine City Cardinal Mooney5

2000: Redford St. Agatha1

1999: Marine City Cardinal Mooney4

1998: Pontiac Notre Dame Preparatory8

1997: Pontiac Notre Dame Preparatory7

1996: Marine City Cardinal Mooney3

1995: Marine City Cardinal Mooney2

1994: Marine City Cardinal Mooney1

1993: Center Line St. Clement12

1992: Center Line St. Clement11

1991: Center Line St. Clement10

1990: Oakland Catholic6

1989: Oakland Catholic5*

1988: Center Line St. Clement9

1987: Center Line St. Clement8

1986: Pontiac Catholic4

1985: Center Line St. Clement7 and Pontiac Catholic3

1984: Center Line St. Clement6

1983: Center Line St. Clement5

1982: Pontiac Catholic2

1981: Pontiac Catholic1*

1980: Center Line St. Clement4

1979: Center Line St. Clement3

1978: Center Line St. Clement2


Combined Division

2021: Dearborn Divine Child23

2011: Dearborn Divine Child13

2010: Dearborn Divine Child12

2009: Dearborn Divine Child11

2008: Dearborn Divine Child10

2007: Dearborn Divine Child9

2006: Dearborn Divine Child8

2005: Dearborn Divine Child7

2004: Dearborn Divine Child6

1977: Center Line St. Clement1

1976: Harper Woods Bishop Gallagher1

1975: Dearborn Sacred Heart1

* Pontiac Notre Dame Preparatory was originally called Pontiac Catholic and later Oakland Catholic