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Catholic High School League
2021 Girls Golf Championships

Tuesday, September 28, 2021 at Detroit Golf Club

2021 CHSL Bishop Division Girls Golf Champions: Bloomfield Hills Cranbrook Kingswood

Head coach: John Minnich

Golfers: Senior Ashley Cong, senior Katherine Li, senior Natashia Samsonov, sophomore Mackenzie Behnke, sophomore Sienna Ilitch, sophomore Anya Samsonov

Bloomfield Hills Cranbrook Kingswood wins first CHSL Bishop Division championship

Division 3 No. 1-ranked Bloomfield Hills Cranbrook Kingswood placed four golfers in the top six to win its first Catholic High School League Bishop Division Championship. Cranbrook finished at 311 to edge Division 3 No. 4-ranked Macomb Lutheran North at 324. Senior Ashley Cong shot 76 to finish in second place to lead the Cranes. Sophomores Mackenzie Behnke and Natasha Samsonov both shot 78 to tie for third. Sophomore Sienna Ilitch shot 79 to tie to sixth place. Macomb Lutheran North senior Lauren Timpf was medalist, shooting a CHSL finals record 64.

Final team results

1. Bloomfield Hills Cranbrook Kingswood, 311

Golfers: Ashley Cong, 76; Mackenzie Behnke, 78; Natashia Samsonov, 78; Sienna Ilitch, 79, Katherine Li, 85; Anya Samsonov, 91

2. Macomb Lutheran North, 324

3. Farmington Hills Mercy, 340

4. Bloomfield Hills Marian, 348


Individual leaders

1. Lauren Timpf, Macomb Lutheran North, 64

2. Ashley Cong, Bloomfield Hills Cranbrook Kingswood, 76

3. Mackenzie Behnke, Bloomfield Hills Cranbrook Kingswood, 78

3. Natasha Samsonov, Bloomfield Hills Cranbrook Kingswood, 78

3. Maeve Casey, Farmington Hills Mercy, 78

6. Sienna Ilitch, Bloomfield Hills Cranbrook Kingswood, 79

6. Ashley Carroll, Bloomfield Hills Marian, 79

8. Colleen Hand, Bloomfield Hills Marian, 82

8. Chloe Vig, Farmington Hills Mercy, 82

Lauren Timpf

Cranbrook Schools, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. Challeging and Comprehensive College Preparation.

Tuesday, September 28, 2021 at Detroit Golf Club

2021 CHSL Cardinal Division Girls Golf Champions: Dearborn Divine Child

Head coach: Dan Berry

Golfers: Senior Julia Lizak, senior Zeinab Saad, senior Leila Saad, junior Mary Ronayne, sophomore Ava Scigiel, freshman Erin McCormick

Dearborn Divine Child wins third-straight CHSL Cardinal Division championship

Division 2 No. 8-ranked Dearborn Divine Child placed three golfers in the top five to win its third-straight Catholic High School League Cardinal Division Championship. Divine Child shot 347 on the day. Division 4 No. 6-ranked Ann Arbor Greenhills was second at 366. Senior Julia Lizak shot 82 to finish second to lead the Falcons. Senior Zeinab Saad was third at 84. Senior Leila Saad shot 86 to finish fifth. Junior Mary Ronayne finished with 95. Ann Arbor Greenhills freshman Mia Melendez was medalist, shooting 73.


Final team results

1. Dearborn Divine Child, 347

Golfers:  Julia Lizak, 82; Zeinab Saad, 84; Leila Saad, 86; Mary Ronayne,  95; Ava Scigiel, 102; Erin McCormick, 113

2. Ann Arbor Greenhills, 366

3. Wixom St. Catherine of Siena, 372

4. Royal Oak Shrine Catholic, 374

5. Warren Regina, 417

6. Bloomfield Hills Academy of the Sacred Heart, 470

7. Orchard Lake St. Mary's Preparatory, 530



Individual leaders

1. Mia Melendez, Ann Arbor Greenhills, 73

2. Julia Lizak, Dearborn Divine Child, 82

3. Zeinab Saad, Dearborn Divine Child, 84

4. Rachel Fay, Wixom St. Catherine of Siena, 85

5. Leilia Saad, Dearborn Divine Child, 86

6. Abby Hook, Wixom St. Catherine of Siena, 89

7. Lucy Krichko, Wixom St. Catherine of Siena, 92

7. Charlotte Terbrack, Royal Oak Shrine Catholic, 92

7. Anna Komoroski, Warren Regina, 92

Mia Melendez

Greenhills School, Ann Arbor, Michigan. Celebrating 50 years! Academic foundation for success.

Past TEAM champions

Bishop Division

Formerly Division 1

2021: Bloomfield Hills Cranbrook Kingswood1

2020: Bloomfield Hills Marian4

2019: Bloomfield Hills Marian3

2018: Farmington Hills Mercy17

2017: Macomb Lutheran North1

2016: Farmington Hills Mercy16

2015: Livonia Ladywood*3

2014: Farmington Hills Mercy15

2013: Farmington Hills Mercy14

2012: Farmington Hills Mercy13

2011: Bloomfield Hills Marian2

2010: Bloomfield Hills Marian1

2009: Bloomfield Hills Sacred Heart1

2008: Farmington Hills Mercy12

2007 (Fall): Farmington Hills Mercy11

2007: Farmington Hills Mercy10

2006: Farmington Hills Mercy9

2005: Farmington Hills Mercy8

2004: Livonia Ladywood*2

2003: Livonia Ladywood*1

2002: Farmington Hills Mercy7

2001: Farmington Hills Mercy6

2000: Farmington Hills Mercy5

1999: Farmington Hills Mercy4

1998: Farmington Hills Mercy3

1997: Farmington Hills Mercy2

1996: Farmington Hills Mercy1

* Livonia Ladywood closed in 2018


Cardinal Division

Formerly Division 2*

2021: Dearborn Divine Child3

2020: Dearborn Divine Child2

2019: Dearborn Divine Child1

2018: Ann Arbor Greenhills1

2017: Ann Arbor Father Gabriel Richard1

* Division created in 2017



One of the league's newest awards, it is presented annually to a female golfer, who has excelled academically in the classroom.


2020: Rachel Thornton, Wixom St. Catherine of Siena

2019: Sophie VanderWeele, Farmington Hills Mercy

2018: Kate Cao, Bloomfield Hills Cranbrook Kingswood

2017: Sydney Martens, Macomb Lutheran North

2016: Allison Marsh, Ann Arbor Father Gabriel Richard

2015: Cordelia Chan, Bloomfield Hills Cranbrook Kingswood

2014: Amy Lynn Kamsickas, Bloomfield Hills Academy of the Sacred Heart

2013: Sarah Montone, Farmington Hills Mercy

2012: Sarah Dilits, Bloomfield Hills Academy of the Sacred Heart

2011: Caroline Shinkle, Bloomfield Hills Cranbrook Kingswood

2010: Valerie DiMilia, Livonia Ladywood

2009: Maria Raffoul, Warren Regina

2008: Diana Karvelis, Farmington Hills Mercy

2007: Andrea Warzyniec, Livonia Ladywood

2006: Alexandra Martelle, Farmington Hills Mercy

2005: Katharine Artymovich, Harper Woods Regina

2004: Susan Christenson, Livonia Ladywood

2003: Rachel Thomas, Livonia Ladywood

2002: Kim Warzyniec, Farmington Hills Mercy

2001: Erin Borowiec, Farmington Hills Mercy

2000: Lindsey Densmore, Farmington Hills Mercy

1999: Jennifer Borowiec, Farmington Hills Mercy

1998: Lindsey Ouellette, Harper Woods Regina

1997: Genevieve Artymovich, Harper Woods Regina

1996: Lisa Carroll, Waterford Our Lady of the Lakes