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Catholic High School League
2022 Girls Skiing Championship

Monday, February 7, 2022, at Mt. Brighton Ski Resort, Brighton

2022 CHSL girls skiing team champions: Bloomfield Hills Marian

Head coach: Mark Weymouth

Team members: Emma Borgula, Bleu Borromeo, Susie Klein, Stella Lowman, Joelle Osmond, Paige Rawlins, Katelyn Triemstra, Agatha Valka

Bloomfield Hills Marian reclaims CHSL championship after five seasons

Despite having a young roster composed of primarily sophomores and freshmen, Bloomfield Hills Marian raced to the 2022 Catholic High School League girls skiing championship. The Mustangs totaled 43 points, narrowly ahead of Farmington Hills Mercy (48). Four-time defending champion Bloomfield Hills Cranbrook Kingswood was third (71). Marian freshman Emma Borgula finished first in the giant slalom with a combined time of 29.31 for two runs, leading four Mustangs in the event’s top 10. Borgula was also second in the slalom (41.28), just ahead of teammate Agatha Valka, who was third (42.39). It was Marian’s eighth CHSL championship and first since a seven-year string from 2010-16. Miki Williams of Farmington Hills Mercy won the slalom event (41.10).


1.  Bloomfield Hills Marian, 20/23: 43

2. Farmington Hills Mercy, 24/24: 48

3. Bloomfield Hills Cranbrook Kingswood, 39/32: 71

4. Orchard Lake St. Mary's Preparatory United*, 70/70: 141

* Includes participants from Bloomfield Hills Academy of the Sacred Heart




1. Miki Williams, Farmington Hills Mercy, 20.29/20.81: 41.10

2. Emma Borgula, Bloomfield Hills Marian, 20.38/20.90: 41.28

3. Agatha Valka, Bloomfield Hills Marian, 20.03/22.36: 42.39

4. Alaina Hatcher, Farmington Hills Mercy, 21.35/21.18: 42.53

5. Sadie MillerWright, Farmington Hills Mercy, 21.36/21.37: 42.73

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Giant slalom

1. Emma Borgula, Bloomfield Hills Marian, 14.66/14.65: 29.31

2. Miki Williams, Farmington Hills Mercy, 14.80/15.04: 29.84

3. Sadie MillerWright, Farmington Hills Mercy, 15.21/15.21: 30.42

4. Lily Aikens, Bloomfield Hills Cranbrook Kingswood, 15.40/15.44: 30.84

5. Agatha Valka, Bloomfield Hills Marian, 15.56/15.64: 31.20

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Miki Williams

Emma Borgula

Past TEAM champions

2022: Bloomfield Hills Marian8

2021: Bloomfield Hills Cranbrook Kingswood4

2020: Bloomfield Hills Cranbrook Kingswood3

2019: Bloomfield Hills Cranbrook Kingswood2

2018: Bloomfield Hills Cranbrook Kingswood1

2017: Championship cancelled due to lack of snow

2016: Bloomfield Hills Marian7

2015: Bloomfield Hills Marian6

2014: Bloomfield Hills Marian5

2013: Bloomfield Hills Marian4

2012: Bloomfield Hills Marian3

2011: Bloomfield Hills Marian2

2010: Bloomfield Hills Marian1

2009: Pontiac Notre Dame Preparatory3

2008: Pontiac Notre Dame Preparatory2

2007: Pontiac Notre Dame Preparatory1




Scholar Athlete Award

This award has been given annually to one female senior skier, who has exhibited success in the classroom while maintaining a presence on a varsity ski team.

2021: Mallory Brophy, Bloomfield Hills Cranbrook Kingswood

2020: Teresa Klein, Bloomfield Hills Marian

2019: Olivia Evans, Farmington Hills Mercy

2018: Annabel Geissbuhler, Bloomfield Hills Cranbrook Kingswood

2017: Julie Lilley, Farmington Hills Mercy

2016: Katherine Waske, Bloomfield Hills Academy of the Sacred Heart

2015: Rachael Wagner, Farmington Hills Mercy

2014: Caroline Grubbs, Pontiac Notre Dame Preparatory

2013: Allison Shaw, Farmington Hills Mercy

2012: Kelly Lunghamer, Bloomfield Hills Marian

2011: Kathryn Thibideau, Bloomfield Hills Marian

2010: Shannon Lewry, Bloomfield Hills Academy of the Sacred Heart

2009: Amanda Waske, Bloomfield Hills Academy of the Sacred Heart

2008: Alexandra Kosik, Pontiac Notre Dame Preparatory

2007: Maggie Zygmontowicz, Livonia Ladywood