2018 CHSL championship Past CHSL champions Deloris Yager Award

Catholic High School League
2019 Girls Swimming Championship

At Livonia Community Recreation Center

Saturday, November 16, 2019



Overall division


2019 CHSL girls swimming champions: Farmington Hills Mercy

Head coach: Mike Venos  Diving coach: Darrin Driesgna  Assistant coaches: Andrew Ciesielski and Drew Edson

Swimmers: Olivia Asam, Rachel Baja, Madeline Basa, Elizabeth Bayer, Natasha Bouras, Megan Brunner, Anna Burns, Alexandra Callaghan, Lindsey Case, Lily Cochrane, Julia Coffman, Alexis Conway, Sydney Derkevorkian, Samantha Diaz, Chloe Doverspike, Kayla Duneske, Reese Elliott, Emma Engquist, Madison Faraj, Michaela Fitzsimmons, Allison Flynn, Mackenzie Foy, Isabella Genise, Greta Gidley, Lydia Giroux, Kylie Goit, Maghana Govindaraj, Grace Gowen, Emily Guerrera, Katie Hermann, Katherine Hutter, Tierney Janovsky, Anne Jefferson, Clare Jones, Grace Kizy, Allison Koehler, Madison Lee, Kathryn Leonard, Maureen Lynch, Emma May, Lily May, Ciara McCliment, Kristianna Mikha, Emily Palm, Chloe Pulick, Sarah Puscas, Grace Roberts, Stella Rogers, Mikayla Rondeau, Angeline Salem, Annabelle Saunders, Micah Scales, Madeline Schroeder, Juliana Sherwin, Alaina Smith, Makenna Smith, Mallory Smith, Grace Sneckenberger, Marina Sneyd, Charlotte Syke, Samantha Szelag, Brenna VanDenBerg, Reagan Walsh, Cotter Welch, and Emma Wilkins.


Final team results

1. Farmington Hills Mercy, 585

2. Bloomfield Hills Marian, 424

3. Bloomfield Hills Cranbrook Kingswood, 419

4. Grosse Pointe Woods University Liggett, 218

5. Dearborn Divine Child, 135

6. Madison Heights Bishop Foley, 122

7. Warren Regina, 97

> Mercy wins another Catholic League swim title; sets sights on state finals


Individual champions

Bloomfield Hills Cranbrook Kingswood (Justine Murdock, Serena Hao, Hale Oal, Gwenyth Woodbury)*

Farmington Hills Mercy (Greta Gidley, Emma Engquist, Madeline Basa, Julia Coffman)*

Bloomfield Hills Cranbrook Kingswood (Jordan Murrell, Sophia Pedersoli, Justine Murdock, Gwenyth Woodbury)*











200-yard medley relay: Bloomfield Hills Cranbrook Kingswood (Justine Murdock, Serena Hao, Hale Oal, Gwenyth Woodbury), 1:47.78

200-yard freestyle: Sophie Housey, Grosse Pointe Woods University Liggett, 1:49.38

200-yard individual medley: Kylie Goit, Farmington Hills Mercy, 2:07.32

50-yard freestyle: Greta Gidley, Farmington Hills Mercy, 23.73

Diving: Ciara McCliment, Farmington Hills Mercy, 412.60

100-yard butterfly: Sophie Housey, Grosse Pointe Woods University Liggett, 54.94*

100-yard freestyle: Samantha Diaz, Farmington Hills Mercy, 53.13

500-yard freestyle: Paiton VanDyke, Bloomfield Hills Marian, 5:10.02

200-yard freestyle relay: Farmington Hills Mercy (Greta Gidley, Emma Engquist, Madeline Basa, Julia Coffman), 1:37.97

100-yard backstroke: Lauren Sielicki, Bloomfield Hills Marian, 58.18

100-yard breaststroke: Mary Snyder, Bloomfield Hills Marian, 1:06.86

400-yard freestyle relay: Bloomfield Hills Cranbrook Kingswood (Jordan Murrell, Sophia Pedersoli, Justine Murdock, Gwenyth Woodbury), 3:33.02

* Swimmers not in order, left to right, by caption. ** CHSL record

Past champions

2019: Farmington Hills Mercy52

2018: Farmington Hills Mercy51

2017: Farmington Hills Mercy50

2016: Farmington Hills Mercy49

2015: Farmington Hills Mercy48

2014: Farmington Hills Mercy47

2013: Farmington Hills Mercy46

2012: Farmington Hills Mercy45

2011: Farmington Hills Mercy44

2010: Farmington Hills Mercy43

2009: Farmington Hills Mercy42

2008: Farmington Hills Mercy41

2007: Farmington Hills Mercy40

2006: Farmington Hills Mercy39

2005: Farmington Hills Mercy38

2004: Farmington Hills Mercy37

2003: Farmington Hills Mercy36

2002: Farmington Hills Mercy35

2001: Farmington Hills Mercy34

2000: Farmington Hills Mercy33

1999: Farmington Hills Mercy32

1998: Farmington Hills Mercy31

1997: Farmington Hills Mercy30

1996: Farmington Hills Mercy29

1995: Farmington Hills Mercy28

1994: Farmington Hills Mercy27

1993: Farmington Hills Mercy26

1992: Farmington Hills Mercy25

1991: Farmington Hills Mercy24

1990: Birmingham Marian1

1989: Farmington Hills Mercy23

1988: Farmington Hills Mercy22

1987: Farmington Hills Mercy21

1986: Farmington Hills Mercy20

1985: Farmington Hills Mercy19

1984: Farmington Hills Mercy18

1983: Farmington Hills Mercy17

1982: Farmington Hills Mercy16

1981: Farmington Hills Mercy15

1980: Farmington Hills Mercy14

1979: Farmington Hills Mercy13

1978: Farmington Hills Mercy12

1977: Farmington Hills Mercy11

1976: Farmington Hills Mercy10

1975: Farmington Hills Mercy9

1974: Farmington Hills Mercy8

1973: Farmington Hills Mercy7

1972: Farmington Hills Mercy6

1971: Farmington Hills Mercy5

1970: Farmington Hills Mercy4

1969: Farmington Hills Mercy3

1968: Farmington Hills Mercy2

1967: Farmington Hills Mercy1

1966: Grosse Pointe St. Paul3

1965: Grosse Pointe St. Paul2

1964: Grosse Pointe St. Paul1

1963: Detroit Immaculata7

1962: Detroit Immaculata6

1961: Detroit Immaculata5

1960: Detroit Our Lady of Mercy1

1959: Detroit Immaculata4

1958: Detroit Immaculata3

1957: Detroit Immaculata2

1956: Detroit Annunciation1

1955: Detroit Immaculata1


Deloris Yager Award

A veteran swim coach at Farmington Hills Mercy and Detroit Catholic Central, the late DeLoris Yager, had an unparalleled record as a coach in the Catholic League. She started the swim program at Mercy in 1967 and guided the Marlins to a state championship in 1972, as well as numerous league titles for Mercy and Catholic Central. Yager died November 17, 1988. The award is presented annually to an outstanding female scholar-athlete in swimming.


2020: Lauren Sielicki, Bloomfield Hills Marian

2019: Anika Fassett, Bloomfield Hills Marian

2018: Elizabeth Cavataio, Warren Regina

2017: Monica Rzepka, Livonia Ladywood

2016: Allison Kavanagh, Pontiac Notre Dame Preparatory

2015: Allison Fedler, Warren Regina

2014: Megan Neiheisel, Pontiac Notre Dame Preparatory

2013: Catherine Dudun, Warren Regina

2012: Jaynie Pulte, Bloomfield Hills Marian

2011: Claire Schelske, Bloomfield Hills Marian

2010: Brianna Wilson, Livonia Ladywood

2009: Katie Pulte, Birmingham Marian

2008: Megan Craig, Farmington Hills Mercy

2007: Megan Rose Hodges, Livonia Ladywood

2006: Jaclyn Krause, Pontiac Notre Dame Preparatory

2005: Katharine Johnston, Livonia Ladywood

2004: Carrie Roble, Farmington Hills Mercy

2003: Elizabeth Garlow, Farmington Hills Mercy

2002: Jennifer Thompson, Birmingham Marian

2001: Kelley Monahan, Harper Woods Regina

2000: Kristen Lorentz, Harper Woods Regina

1999: Michelle Dorsch, Madison Heights Bishop Foley

1998: Faith Kurily, Harper Woods Regina

1997: Caroline Kenna, Farmington Hills Mercy

1996: Jennifer Kozlowski, Harper Woods Regina

1995: Heather Yagiela, Farmington Hills Mercy

1994: Amy Watroba, Farmington Hills Mercy

1993: Elaine Haberer, Harper Woods Regina

1992: Kathleen Knipper, Farmington Hills Mercy

1991: Beth Crowe, Birmingham Marian

1990: Laura Gerhardstein, Birmingham Marian

1989: Andria Bernacchi, Royal Oak Shrine

1988: Amy Cetnar, Farmington Hills Mercy

1987: Kristen Kranz, Birmingham Marian

1986: Cathy Loniewski, Farmington Hills Mercy

1985: Julie Chrzanowski, Farmington Hills Mercy

1984: Lori Pagota, Dearborn St. Alphonsus

1983: Clare Hramiec, Royal Oak Shrine Catholic

1982: Christine Luongo, Harper Woods Regina

1981: Caroline Luongo, Harper Woods Regina

1980: Betsy Leahy, Farmington Hills Mercy

1979: Donna LeDuc, Dearborn St. Alphonsus

1978: Tracy Gentile, Harper Woods Regina

1977: Carol Kolon, Farmington Hills Mercy

1976: Mary Foley, Farmington Hills Mercy

1975: Kathy Kolon, Farmington Hills Mercy

* Livonia Ladywood closed in 2018; Dearborn St. Alphonsus High School closed in 2003.