Catholic High School League
pompon and dance championships

Thursday, January 30, 2020

At Dearborn Divine Child


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Cardinal Division


Ann Arbor Father Gabriel Richard -- 2020 CHSL Cardinal Division pompon and dance champion.

1. Ann Arbor Father Gabriel Richard, 647.5 (324.5/323.0)

The Irish won their first Cardinal Division championship since 2015, with dominate performances in both the pompon and dance rounds.


Head coach: Jenna Lanzetta  Assistant coach: Paige Kenyon

Team members: Ava Barber, Kaitlyn Bogardus, Sophia Canzano, Ashley Christopher, Chloe Connelly, Lillian Hoeppner, Olivia Hollenbeck, Chloe Kenyon, Lillianna Mack, Madison Moniz, Alayna Smith, Sarah Tan, Rochelle Waas


2. Bloomfield Hills Academy of the Sacred Heart, 627.5 (309.5/318.0)

3. Royal Oak Shrine Catholic, 578.0 (295.0/283.0)

4. Wixom St. Catherine of Siena, 564.5 (282.5/282.0)

5. Riverview Gabriel Richard, 542.0 (269.0/273.0)


Bishop Division

Dearborn Divine Child -- 2020 CHSL Bishop Division pompon and dance champion.

1. Dearborn Divine Child, 664.0 (341.0/323.0)

The Falcons repeated as Bishop Division champion, with a dominate performance in the pompon round and a second-place finish in the dance round.


Head coach: Sarah Leonard   Assistant coach: Emily Dombrowski

Team members: Rowen Abraham, Estrella Aldrich, Jenna Allie, Lila Bierman, Jamie Rosalie Butler, Micala Cagle, Shannon Clark, Claire Corcoran, Marella DiDomenico, Katie Duffany, Abigail Galanty, Catheryn Ibegbu, Devon Loverich, Julia Maloney, Clare Marcyan, Ava Moschet, Anna Nielsen, Paige Pianczk, Micah Emmanuelle Sullano, Jessica Wildauer, Kathryn Williams, Julia Zurenko


2. Macomb Lutheran North, 658.5 (323.0/335.5)

3. Farmington Hills Mercy, 648.5 (325.5/323.0)

4. Bloomfield Hills Marian, 632.0 (327.5/304.5)


Past champions

Cardinal Division

2020: Ann Arbor Father Gabriel Richard3

2019: Macomb Lutheran North3

2018: Macomb Lutheran North2

2017: Macomb Lutheran North1

2016: Pontiac Notre Dame Preparatory3

2015: Ann Arbor Father Gabriel Richard2

2014: Ann Arbor Father Gabriel Richard1

2013: Bloomfield Hills Academy of the Sacred Heart1


Bishop Division

2020: Dearborn Divine Child12

2019: Dearborn Divine Child11

2018: Dearborn Divine Child10

2017: Farmington Hills Mercy1

2016: Dearborn Divine Child9

2015: Dearborn Divine Child8

2014: Warren Regina4

2013: Warren Regina3


Combined Division

2012: Dearborn Divine Child7

2011: Warren Regina2

2010: Dearborn Divine Child6

2009: Warren Regina1

2008: Pontiac Notre Dame Preparatory2

2007: Pontiac Notre Dame Preparatory1

2006: Bloomfield Hills Marian1

2005: Dearborn Divine Child5

2004: Dearborn Divine Child4

2003: Madison Heights Bishop Foley8

2002: Madison Heights Bishop Foley7

2001: Madison Heights Bishop Foley6

2000: Madison Heights Bishop Foley5

1999: Madison Heights Bishop Foley4

1998: Riverview Gabriel Richard4

1997: Madison Heights Bishop Foley3

1996: Madison Heights Bishop Foley2

1995: Riverview Gabriel Richard3

1994: Madison Heights Bishop Foley1

1993: Dearborn Divine Child3

1992: Dearborn Divine Child2

1991: Dearborn Divine Child1

1990: Riverview Gabriel Richard2

1989: Allen Park Cabrini4

1988: Riverview Gabriel Richard1

1987: Allen Park Cabrini3

1986: Allen Park Cabrini2

1985: Allen Park Cabrini1



Scholar Athlete Award

This award is presented each year to a female senior scholar-athlete for her academic achievement while competing on a varsity pompon and dance squad.

2019: Catrina Buchanan, Royal Oak Shrine Catholic

2018: Daphne Pate, Ann Arbor Father Gabriel Richard

2017: Amanda Beatty, Ann Arbor Father Gabriel Richard

2016: Micaela Waynes, Bloomfield Hills Academy of the Sacred Heart

2015: Jacqueline Rola, Pontiac Notre Dame Preparatory

2014: Amanda Danaher, Divine Child

2013: Jade Baskin, Bloomfield Hills Marian

2012: Chandler Missig, Warren Regina

2011: Geralyn Moody, Pontiac Notre Dame Preparatory

2010: Nathalie Botezatu, Bloomfield Hills Academy of the Sacred Heart

2009: Sarah Johnson, Allen Park Cabrini

2008: Alana Font, Bloomfield Hills Marian

2007: Andrea Posh, Dearborn Divine Child

2006: Elizabeth Schofding, Bloomfield Hills Marian

2005: Kristen Strehl, Pontiac Notre Dame Preparatory

2004: Jessica Perlotto, Harper Woods Regina

2003: Katie Hermann, Riverview Gabriel Richard

2002: Eirwen Scott, Dearborn Divine Child

2001: Katie Landsberg, Farmington Hills Mercy

2000: Lisa Marie Jenuwine, Madison Heights Bishop Foley

1999: Melissa Abraham, Madison Heights Bishop Foley

1998: Erin Shea, Madison Heights Bishop Foley

1997: Carly Sarna, Riverview Gabriel Richard

1996: Brandan Vida, Riverview Gabriel Richard

1995: Jennifer Nemeth, Riverview Gabriel Richard

1994: Samantha Mullin, Madison Heights Bishop Foley

1993: Kathleen O'Keefe, Dearborn Divine Child

1992: Karen Bommarito, Saginaw Nouvel