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Catholic High School League
wrestling championship

Friday, February 1, 2019

At Detroit Catholic Central


Final standings

1995-2019 CHSL champion: Detroit Catholic Central

1. Detroit Catholic Central, 241

The Shamrocks won their 25th straight Catholic High School League wrestling title, earning nine individual championships.


Head coach: Mitch Hancock Assistant coach: Michael Carrier

Wrestlers: Matt Anderson, Josh Bisdorf, Jacob Bisdorf, John Browning, Philip Burney, Kamron Davenport, Sean Field, Boston Meisner, Michael Perrone, Michael Ramirez, Andrew Ross, Logan Sanom, Marc Shaeffer, Camden Trupp, Joe Urso, and Caleb White


2. University of Detroit Jesuit, 148

3. Warren De La Salle Collegiate, 141.5

4. Orchard Lake St. Mary's Preparatory, 95

5. Bloomfield Hills Brother Rice, 78

6. Madison Heights Bishop Foley, 66.5

7. Dearborn Divine Child, 26

8. Macomb Lutheran North, 11


> Two wrestlers, two paths: One passion for the sport

> Half of the squad enough for Catholic Central to claim 25th wrestling title


Detroit Catholic Central -- 2019 CHSL wrestling champion.

Mike Rodriguez Award

The Wrestling Award was named in honor of the former Novi Detroit Catholic Central Wrestling Coach Mike Rodriguez. Selections for this award are based on academic achievement, while being a member of the varsity team.


2018: Rory Cox, Detroit Catholic Central

2017: Matthew Leonard, Orchard Lake St. Mary's Preparatory

2016: James Bird, Dearborn Divine Child

2015: McLain Shearin, Madison Heights Bishop Foley

2014: Tyler Ringler, Warren De La Salle Collegiate

2013: Joe Schudt, Warren De La Salle Collegiate

2012: Ian McEachern, University of Detroit Jesuit

2011: Miles Trealout, Detroit Catholic Central

2010: Matthew Thompson, Detroit Catholic Central

2009: William Lamping, University of Detroit Jesuit

2008: Sam Ellis, Bloomfield Hills Brother Rice

2007: Adam Michalski, Bloomfield Hills Brother Rice

2006: Said Askar, Bloomfield Hills Brother Rice

2005: Jeff Schuele, Pontiac Notre Dame Preparatory

2004: Ciro Spigno, Orchard Lake St. Mary's Preparatory

2003: Matt Salgat, Madison Heights Bishop Foley

2002: Gerry Mattei, Pontiac Notre Dame Preparatory

2001: Kevin Harrington, Bloomfield Hills Brother Rice

2000: Justin VanTassel, Madison Heights Bishop Foley

1999: Matthew Murphy, Pontiac Notre Dame Preparatory

1998: Matthew Peterson, Detroit Catholic Central

1997: Paul Lozito, Madison Heights Bishop Foley

1996: John Spolsky, Detroit Catholic Central

1995: Andrew Short, Detroit Catholic Central

1994: Bahram Kani, Birmingham Brother Rice

1993: Mark Krankel, Harper Woods Notre Dame

1992: John McGuire, Birmingham Brother Rice


Individual champions

103 pounds: Joshua Bisdorf, Detroit Catholic Central, defeated Nick D’Angelo, Bloomfield Hills Brother Rice, 17-2 (Technical fall)

112 pounds: Caleb White, Detroit Catholic Central, defeated Fischer Vivian, University of Detroit Jesuit, Pinfall

119 pounds: Jack O’Donnell, Warren De La Salle Collegiate, defeated Joseph McKay, Bloomfield Hills Brother Rice, 19-4 (Technical fall)

125 pounds: Philip Burney, Detroit Catholic Central, defeated Noah Bolger, Madison Heights Bishop Foley, Pinfall

130 pounds: Kamron Davenport, Detroit Catholic Central, defeated Charlie Nelson, Bloomfield Hills Brother Rice, 7-1

135 pounds: Jacob Bisdorf, Detroit Catholic Central, defeated Alex Drewek, University of Detroit Jesuit, 21-13

140 pounds: Marc Shaeffer, Detroit Catholic Central, defeated Duncan Pattison, Warren De La Salle Collegiate, Pinfall

145 pounds: Logan Sanom, Detroit Catholic Central, defeated Steven Andreu, University of Detroit Jesuit, Pinfall

152 pounds: Joseph Urso, Detroit Catholic Central, defeated Ohannes Sarkisian, Bloomfield Hills Brother Rice, 15-5

160 pounds: Brett Stanley, Warren De La Salle, defeated Michael Perrone, Detroit Catholic Central, Pinfall

171 pounds: John Browning, Detroit Catholic Central, defeated Anthony Orow, Orchard Lake St. Mary’s Preparatory, 20-5 (Technical fall)

189 pounds: Kendel Taylor, Madison Heights Bishop Foley, defeated Otis Holt, University of Detroit Jesuit, 19-10

215 pounds: Nathan Drewek, University of Detroit Jesuit, defeated Michael Young Jr, Warren De La Salle, Pinfall

285 pounds: Walt Baughman, University of Detroit Jesuit, defeated Tyler Whiteside, Dearborn Divine Child, Pinfall

103: Joshua Bisdorf

112: Caleb White

119: Jack O'Donnell

125: Philip Burney

130: Kamron Davenport

135: Jacob Bisdorf

140: Marc Shaeffer

145: Logan Sanom

152: Joseph Urso

160: Brett Stanley

171: John Browning

189: Kendel Taylor

215: Nathan Drewek

285: Walt Baughman

Click on each photo to view full-frame championship photo at that weight class

Past CHSL wrestling champions

2019: Detroit Catholic Central39

2018: Detroit Catholic Central38

2017: Detroit Catholic Central37

2016: Detroit Catholic Central36

2015: Detroit Catholic Central35

2014: Detroit Catholic Central34

2013: Detroit Catholic Central33

2012: Detroit Catholic Central32

2011: Detroit Catholic Central31

2010: Detroit Catholic Central30

2009: Detroit Catholic Central29

2008: Detroit Catholic Central28

2007: Detroit Catholic Central27

2006: Detroit Catholic Central26

2005: Detroit Catholic Central**25

2004: Detroit Catholic Central24

2003: Detroit Catholic Central23

2002: Detroit Catholic Central22

2001: Detroit Catholic Central21

2000: Detroit Catholic Central20

1999: Detroit Catholic Central19

1998: Detroit Catholic Central18

1997: Detroit Catholic Central17

1996: Detroit Catholic Central16

1995: Detroit Catholic Central15

1994: Birmingham Brother Rice


1992: Detroit Catholic Central14

1991: Detroit Catholic Central13


1989: Detroit Catholic Central12

1988: Detroit Catholic Central11

1987: Detroit Catholic Central10

1986: Detroit Catholic Central9



1983: Detroit Catholic Central8


1981: Detroit Catholic Central7

1980: Detroit Catholic Central6

1979: Detroit Catholic Central5

1978: Detroit Catholic Central*4

1977: Detroit Catholic Central3

1976: Detroit Catholic Central2

1975: Detroit Catholic Central1

* Detroit Catholic Central moved from Detroit to Redford in 1978.

** Detroit Catholic Central moved from Redford to Novi in 2005.